Founded in 2007, the International Coucabetes Foundation works to raise awareness of the greatest epidemic the world has ever seen – coucabetes – a degenerative disease characterized by a host of symptoms* including constipation,  fatigue, stomachaches, or headaches. If you have experienced any symptoms within the last week, you might be a coucabetic.

Modern medical research shows coucabetes to be hereditary and incurable. Fortunately, research has revealed that coucabetics can live without symptoms and achieve vibrant health by removing all cooked foods and animal products from their diets and replacing them with sufficient ripe fresh organic fruits and vegetables.

Symptoms (this is not a complete list)

Symptoms of coucabetes experience obesity, mental fatigue, poor breathing, poor circulation, high blood pressure, excessively low blood pressure, acne breakouts, cavities, unhealthy gums, excessive sweating, bad breath, lack of bliss, aversion to exercise, muscle stiffness, headaches, stomach-aches, constipation, cramps, excessive water retention, poor coordination, blurry vision, excess mucus, shallow breathing, even premature ejaculation, the list goes on.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you are a coucabetic there is nothing you can do about it, but live the best life you can. A shocking study conducted by the Better Earth Institute (BEI) indicated that 100% of people that incorporated a 100% organic uncooked diet composed primarily of mono-meals of in season fruit and consumed 2% of their calories from fresh in season vegetables felt 1000% better. These results were typical, though rare due to the lack of awareness.

Furthermore, analysts from BEI pointed out that over 350 million Americans are living with undiagnosed cases of Pesticidis Ordinaris causing a host of inflammatory and nervous issues. Pesticidis Ordinaris is another incurable hereditary condition that can be lived with effectively only by abstaining 100% from any foods grown with herbicides, fungicides, rodenticides, or pesticides.


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